About Amaranth’s Gardens

Amaranth’s Gardens was founded by Jeffrey Rossini in 2005 and is his Website Development information and ordering pages. Services available include website creation, website mobile and tablet device adaptation, WordPress theme and plugin programming, PHP component programming, MySQL database integration, Adobe Flash content and banner creation, and Adobe Photoshop image creation and modifications. If you have a specific need be sure to ask what possible solutions I may provide on my Contact page!


During high school, I often spent time in the computer lab. Not playing games but unveiling their source code and how they worked. It wasn’t long after that I began writing my own programs based on what I learned. By my senior year I had more programming knowledge than my teacher and had completed the highest level of computer science courses that the school had to offer. I spoke to our principal and in lieu of a computer class I was allowed to design a curriculum for the most advanced computer science course involving the new graphics boards that were installed on the school’s systems. During this time I was also frustrated by the sluggish and crude capabilities of my own home computer, I purchased an assembly language module and taught myself machine code.

By 1998 the internet had grown to become an immense source of information, technology, and entertainment. While being a part of the Alliance of Heroes online role-playing game community, I found a need for an update to their help documentation and discovered a way to recompile the Simutronics .HLP files and submitted them to their corporate office. It wasn’t long before I was working for them as a programmer and was eventually placed in charge of the combat system as well as many other senior level programming responsibilities. I also did work on their Mentor Society website and began learning PHP code and MySQL database usage.

In 2009 my father took ill with a collapsed vertebrae due to osteoporosis. I took over the management of selling the farm’s 270 acre estate and the construction of a smaller home. Nearly all items on the estate had to be sold and the property had to be prepared for sale. In order to maximize the profits I began an eBay store and published my own website using the eBay API to manage inventory across the two domains. I also integrated a PayPal API to reduce eBay fees and sold everything from $200 antique box cameras to $5,000 hay balers.

Today I am using my website and programming experience to launch a new career as a website developer. Besides my other skills, I have considerable experience using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects as well as Autodesk’s 3DS Max. I do not feel that there is any language or internet protocols that I am not capable of learning with little effort and that my current skill set will make me a very successful developer.