Amaranth’s Gardens website stands on its own as a sample of WordPress custom theme creation with CSS3 formatting and a PHP-driven Contact page. Below you will find where more of my available services were used and samples of these product features.

Website Creation With eBay Integration

bmr_estate_thumbWhen presented with the task of quickly and seemlessly integrating eBay sales content into a personal website in order to increase Search Engine Optimization for a client’s products, the solution was to tap into the eBay API to dynamically display the client’s inventory. The site was also formatted with mobile web browsing in mind in order to capitalize on the typical eBay buyers’ popular medium for placing bids.

Flash Animation

smelting_thumbWords can paint an elegant image of a concept, however a Flash animation often conveys more information with less ambiguity. In this sample Flash Movie demonstration, I show vistors a clear animated description of how a medieval smelting furnace works.

Photoshop Sample

photoshop_thumbImages can stir our emotions and capture our attention. Whether you need a poorly conceived photograph improved or a fresh new graphic created, this sample shows just one aspect of my five years of experience working with Adobe Photoshop.

AfterEffects Sample

lightsaber_thumbMy technical skills are not limited to website development. I am also familiar with all aspects of 3D modeling, building DVD menus for custom DVD disks, and video editing as shown here using Adobe’s AfterEffects.